We provide RFID equipment and software for product tracking.



We develop an End to End Logistics System that enhances work efficiency.



We offer business consulting services for efficient management.



We offer a complete range of products and services related to RFID technology, providing end-to-end solutions for product tracking processes in warehouses and manufacturing facilities

Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse management software reduces labor, time, and costs while providing real-time reporting capabilities, allowing you to efficiently manage your inventory.

RFID Technology

We integrate RFID technology into product tracking, storage, and warehousing processes, offering both RFID reader devices and tags for comprehensive monitoring solutions.

RFID End to End Supply
Chain Management

“Our end-to-end product tracking system minimizes the risk of errors and reduces labor costs, offering a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Process Management System

Our advanced manufacturing process tracking systems increase productivity and provide real-time reporting, empowering informed decision-making.

HR Applications

Our HR system encompasses leave management for sick, personal, and vacation days, along with payroll calculation for overtime and monthly/daily employees. Our versatile system accommodates various employment types and needs.

Garment Manufacturing System

Our software solution streamlines the production process for finished garments. It centralizes data from multiple departments, reducing errors and increasing accuracy and efficiency.


We offer excellent services that cover all your needs, and we’re always ready to provide expert consultation with care.

Our Consulting Services help organizations optimize business processes, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance through collaborative, data-driven, and results-oriented solutions. We work closely with clients to deliver measurable value at every stage of the engagement.

Our Maintenance & Support services provide both proactive and reactive care for both hardware and software: A Comprehensive guide. We also offer training to ensure that clients are equipped with the knowledge to use their equipment and software effectively. With our 24-hour support team, clients can rely on us for uninterrupted service.

Our Infrastructure Design & Deployment services provide customized solutions for businesses to optimize their technology systems and processes. We design reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure that supports business operations, and ensure efficient and effective deployment with 24/7 support and training available.


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