How to ensure the survival of your business in the digital era.


Nowadays, technology has grown rapidly. How can a business be successful in the digital age? It begins with adapting quickly and planning your business to be flexible. The faster you adapt, the more you can outpace your competitors. In today’s business landscape, almost every aspect of operations is influenced by technology, the Internet, or Digital Transformation. This is evident in the use of Bot AI, for instance, deploying robots to replace food serving or utilizing AI chatbots like ChatGPT to assist in work or business. Failure to adapt your business to the digital age may result in its struggle for survival. Over time, many businesses have closed down due to a lack of adjustment, failing to keep up with the changes in the digital world. It cannot be denied that this era is the golden age of the digital world, expected to persist as such in the coming decades. Easetrack aims to guide everyone in understanding how to ensure businesses survive in the digital age.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the incorporation of digital technology into business processes to create and enhance various aspects, enabling organizations to adapt to heightened competition in the digital age. This includes addressing changing customer needs and accommodating the working styles of the new generation of employees, such as online marketing and transitioning the company’s database to a digital format.




How important is Digital Transformation to business?

Changes in the digital age require the introduction of Digital Transformation. to apply in business which is important to businesses in today’s era As digital technology plays an important role in every aspect of life, consumers’ behavior has changed and they are increasingly turning to purchasing products and services through digital channels. Businesses therefore need to adapt to changing consumer behavior and business environments.

Customers want fast and good – In this day and age, customers have easy access to information and access to competitors. This means customers are less motivated to wait. This means that if the organization cannot do what customers want in terms of speed and quality, the organization will lose business opportunities. One way to improve the speed of work is through digital transformation.

Effective tools for employees – If an organization wants to make its employees work faster, then the organization must choose modern work tools for employees to use. If all information is stored digitally, work processes in an organization will be more accurate and faster.


Examples of adapting to the digital age in various businesses

– Retail business Turn to open more online sales channels and use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze customer data
– Financial business Turn to blockchain technology (blockchain) in financial transactions.
– Production business Turn to using robot technology (robotics) in product production.
– Service businesses turn to using cloud computing technology to provide customer service.



It is evident that technology now plays a crucial role in our daily lives. This is evident in various aspects such as online financial transactions, parcel delivery services accessed through online applications, and the ability to make purchases online without visiting physical stores. Additionally, express delivery services, like Delivery, bring products directly to your doorstep. Consequently, as consumer lifestyles evolve, businesses must adapt to these changes. Failure to do so not only risks falling behind competitors but also missing the opportunity to engage with customers promptly. Embracing Digital Transformation is essential for businesses to remain competitive. Hence, learning to leverage technology in strategic planning is key. The sooner businesses embrace technology to define strategies, the more advantageous it becomes in accelerating the development of products and services, ultimately benefiting the overall success of the business.



Digital Transformation doesn’t just mean Digital Marketing, but it means holistically elevating a business from a normal business mode to a mode of doing business in the digital era. Why must there be transformation If we look ahead in the future, 1 year or 2 years or 5 years or 10 years, where in the world will our business be? It will be a business that will wither away. Or is it a business that survives? or will be in a wealthy state Because when doing business, you must not only think about how you can survive, but also think about whether in the long run our business will still be stable.


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