Garment Manufacturing Program

Unlock your clothing production potential with Ready-to-wear garment production management program (IGS), a complete intelligent solution Increase efficiency, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the production process It can improve the production process and optimize management efficiency at every step of the garment production process. In addition, the program allows for accurate and rapid labor cost calculations. Using barcode or RFID technology that is connected to a central database. This allows managers to provide in-depth analysis for each job. and effectively reduces production costs as well

IGS understands the challenges of producing ready-made garments. Our programs are designed to manage a wide range of data across all departments. From product details Customer requirements, sourcing, coordination, production, inventory, shipping and export documentation help ensure your information is up to date. Easy to access and accurate

Can manage orders

Helps control raw materials for sewing

Tags are the function of clothing production.

Can sort orders by importance

Can control production

Support work in many departments

Highlights of the program