What is the function of a manufacturing process management program?

Production management software is a key part of improving efficiency in your business. We will explore production management and techniques that can help you increase manufacturing productivity effectively.

In today’s manufacturing industry, work systems need to be accurate, efficient, and highly effective in order to be competitive in the business world. The emergence of technology has helped to develop work systems to be more efficient, faster, less error-prone, and traceable at all times and throughout all parts of the work system.

The work of the program consists of

Can rewind production history

Follow the production process

Integrate data into a database system

Real-time reports

Can improve the production process

Support teamwork

Advantages of the program
  1. Work Step Name and Details (including instructions)
  2. Checkpoints for data recording at each step
  3. Alert system for each step
  4. Production information with code for Barcode printing
  5. Outgoing vehicle identification with Barcode
  6. Employee details with Barcode
  7. Username and password for login with convenient access control
  8. Customer details with customer code
  9. Supplier details with code
  10. Rejection reason with code
  11. Real-time tracking system with 2 seconds refresh rate

Working in subdivisions

Process Configuration

Select and order work steps including step code and name along with In/Output records.

Read-Function Module

Place barcodes into a workflow database. Compile a set of numbers and code base for the steps.

Digital Weighing System

Collect weight data that can be recorded with a digital scale.

Pulling Digital Weighting Data

Pull weight data into central database

Palette Function Module

Save products on the palette by type and size and send them to integrate with the production system.