The Intelligent Payroll System

The Intelligent Payroll System is a software program designed to streamline payroll management, including tax and social security calculations and payments, for companies and organizations with employee rotations or varying monthly salaries. The system efficiently handles payroll and tax calculations even with department transfers or different monthly incomes. Its flexible design allows customization to meet the specific needs and requirements of each organization. The system also provides detailed reports accessible in various formats, by department, individual, and overall summaries, anytime.

Easetrack Payroll: Your One-Stop Shop for Payroll Management

Experience the peace of mind of knowing your payroll is always accurate and on time.

Get Your Salary Right, Fast

Automatic calculation of overtime, bonuses, and leave.

Online payslips and filing of P.N.D.1, Social Security, and more.


Highlights of the salary program

Payroll saves you time.

Supports subsidiaries

Support the tax system

Support of multiple departments

Supports daily and monthly salary payments

Able to customize various departments in the organization

Supports overtime calculations

Program features

This program can support multiple companies within a single program. Including affiliated companies.

The program can share information between headquarters and subsidiaries or affiliates.

Employees can be transferred between departments and companies.

The system supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly salaries.

General Setting

Set up to 99 department codes.

Sort/Select Employee List: Sort by Code, Department, Name

Manage department moves: convenient and fast, supports multiple locations

Set leave type: Customize duration Supports long-term leave of absence

Collect employee information: Used to calculate taxes, savings, social security, provident funds.

Select employee type: Daily, Contract, Monthly

View leave information: past, supporting 99,999 employees

Supports hiring of old employees

Salary program that is suitable for modern business

Give business owners time to take care of their employees and manage their business fully. With a salary system that automatically calculates numbers Save time doing salary payments and manage it yourself anywhere

Set intelligent OT in advance

Set taxes and social security

Pension fund

Data export report

Digital payslip

Intelligent leave system