Process Management & Tracking System

A program is managing and monitoring production processes. Currently, the manufacturing industry’s working system needs to be accurate, efficient, and highly effective to remain competitive in the business world. The emergence of technology has helped develop the work system to be more efficient, faster, less error-prone, and capable of being checked at all times, as well as every part of the work system.

Tracking Lot No.

Check Point Process

Data Center

Report Realtime

Config Process


Advantages of the program:

  • Specify the type of production process, register production with Lot No.
  • Specify the name of the system work process (with desired wording)
  • Specify Check-Point to record that step
  • Specify warning conditions with the operating steps
  • Specify the process to use the alert system when a step is skipped
  • Specify information about the production process, along with the code, to print the Barcode
  • Specify the vehicle that delivers the product with the code to print the Barcode
  • Specify employee details with code to print the employee Barcode
  • Specify the name and password for logging in to the system for easy management of rights assignments
  • Specify department name and code
  • Use the department code to assign rights for group-based access
  • Specify customer details with customer code
  • Use mobile computers when delivering or unloading products from the vehicle
  • Specify supplier details with code
  • Specify the reason for rejection along with the code, such as not following the standard or damage, etc.
  • The system tracks the movement of the work process in real-time, and the system will refresh every 2 seconds to show the status value.

System operation can be divided into the following subparts:

  • Process Configuration: This involves selecting and ordering the steps of the task process. It consists of the code and name of the task steps, along with the usage of recording the input/output of each step.
  • Read-Function Module: This part of the system is designed to layout the barcode to each database of the task steps. Its primary responsibility is to collect the read numerical sets and send the values with the base code of the process step to the main database for recording and display. This part works along with the steps all the time.
  • Digital Weighing System: This system is a separate program from the above program. Its primary responsibility is to collect data about the weight that can be recorded by the digital scale only. All the data will be stored along with the feeding header code, date, time, and weight value, and then sent to merge with the above production system.
  • Pulling Digital Weighting Data: The process of pulling weight numerical data into the central database is set to work as a background process. It mainly operates to extract data from the scale system, which can have more than one feeding header working simultaneously. It then sends the values to merge with the production steps to record in the central database and display immediately.
  • Palette Function Module: The system of organizing the palette is designed to record which product is placed on each palette, according to the type and size set in the main configuration of the system. The steps of the process involve tracking the code, type, size of the product, and the location of the palette, which will be sent to merge with the production system for recording in the central database and display.