Payroll System

The Intelligent Payroll System (I.P.S) is a program designed to manage payroll, including the calculation and submission of taxes and social security. This task can be complex, especially for companies or organizations with job rotations or varying monthly salaries. Calculating salaries and taxes (Form PND.1, PND.1K, and PND.91) becomes more complicated when employees move between departments or have different incomes each month. Cal-Verity International Co., Ltd. has developed a flexible payroll and tax calculation system that meets the needs and requirements of each organization, all while complying with changing regulations from various government agencies, such as the Revenue Department and Social Security Office. Furthermore, the system offers various detailed reports that users can access in different formats, including by department, individual, and summary, at any time.


Multi Companies


Support Tax


Support Multi Department


Various Salary Type

Config Department


Modify Overtime

Key Features of the Program

  • The program can support multiple companies within one program, including subsidiaries.
  • The program can share data among the head office and its subsidiaries or affiliates.
  • Employees can transfer and move between departments and companies.
  • The system supports daily, weekly, monthly, and annual salaries.

Basic Settings

  • You can set up to 99 departments’ codes.
  • There are different modes to sort or select employee lists, such as sorting by employee ID, sorting by department code, or sorting by employee name alphabetically, etc.
  • You can easily and quickly manage employee records who move between departments, which is suitable for projects that have multiple locations or require frequent relocation.
  • You can assign leave types to employees, and each type can be customized with its duration (support long-term leaves of absence).
  • You can store employee data and use it to calculate taxes and deductions.
  • It also supports various accumulations such as social security, provident funds, etc.
  • Furthermore, it can store each employee’s VISA information.
  • You can select employees to be either daily, contract, or monthly to have an overview of the types of employees.
  • You can view employee leave data from the past. It can support up to 99,999 employees and a maximum of 16 digits.
  • It can support rehiring of former employees.

OT (Overtime) Settings

  • You can set and modify overtime rates with unlimited conditions.
  • It supports employees’ overtime work, which can set the waiting time before starting overtime.
  • You can customize OT types and assign employees for each type.
  • You can decide to include overtime pay for social security contributions or not.

Tax and Social Security Configuration

  • Support tax calculation and submission forms including Form PND.1, PND.1K, and PND.91, up to 50 employees.
  • Accurate calculation of personal income tax for both monthly and yearly income, displaying deductions and received income.
  • Ability to customize tax items by selecting income types and adding submission formats.
  • Automated cross-checking between PND.1, PND.1K, and PND.91 to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Customizable deduction values for employees to facilitate tax calculations.
  • Ability to modify tax calculation formulas, social security schemes, and other related structures.
  • Access to employee cumulative data such as total income, social security and tax deductions, etc.
  • Flexible adjustment of employee cumulative data, either for calculation purposes or printing purposes.
  • Customization of tax items by selecting income types and adding submission formats.
  • Ability to store data for employees subject to tax withholding for an overall view.

Setting up a Pension Fund

  • Supports calculation and submission of Pension Fund contributions via Form 50. Can generate reports on accumulated Pension Fund contributions.

Data Export

  • Data can be exported for use in graphing, presentations, or customized report formats.
  • Employee net salary forms are available for each month and can be submitted to the bank for direct deposit.
  • Can be printed with account number or bank branch code.

Resignation Leave

  • The system supports resignation and rehire of employees during the year.


  • Comprehensive salary slips are available in duplicate for each print job, and are compatible with all types of printers. Can generate OT reports for employees.


  • The program allows for the printing of different reports, which can be sorted by individual or by department. There is also an option to view the overall totals for each department. The reports are diverse and can be viewed back in time without limits.
  • The program features an Active Search system that makes it easy to retrieve specific reports according to time and department. The reports can be exported to Excel.
  • Employee data reports can be displayed by selecting the data to view, such as employee birth dates and work histories.
  • Allowance reports can be displayed for each item, such as position allowances and fuel allowances.
  • Deduction reports can be displayed annually for all employees, and can be viewed back in time.
  • Salary reports can be generated for daily, monthly, or contract employees, or for all employees. Users can customize the data to be displayed.
  • Salary reports can also be generated for individual departments, and can be viewed back in time.
  • Salary slips can be printed for individuals, departments, or for all employees. The slips can be printed on a daily, monthly, or contract basis.
  • Bonus reports can be generated for individuals, departments, or for all employees.
  • Tax withholding reports can be generated for employees on a daily, monthly, or contract basis.
  • Form PND.1 can be printed for individuals, departments, or for all employees.
  • Form PND.91 can be printed with customizable data.