NearLink, wireless technology born to surpass Bluetooth

HUAWEI has launched NearLink, a wireless technology born to surpass Bluetooth.


HUAWEI has officially introduced its latest short-range wireless connectivity technology called NearLink. NearLink technology represents a significant breakthrough in wireless connectivity, marking the pinnacle of efforts by both domestic and international organizations, with more than 300 entities involved.


NearLink technology offers faster device connectivity and data transmission compared to Bluetooth, with speeds up to 6 times faster. It has a longer range, approximately double that of Bluetooth. Moreover, NearLink consumes less energy, around 50% less than Bluetooth. It also provides quicker network responsiveness, taking only 1/30th of the time compared to Bluetooth. Furthermore, NearLink can simultaneously connect with more Bluetooth devices, up to 10 times as many, while reducing energy consumption by 60%. This is a significant step towards a more energy-efficient future. Its lightning-fast speeds, which are 6 times faster than current wireless technology, ensure smooth and efficient data transfer. Additionally, NearLink significantly reduces latency, enhancing the user experience. Its support for larger group connections, up to 10 times more, makes it suitable for multi-device use and industrial applications.


NearLink is a wireless technology developed for transmitting data and connecting devices without the need for Bluetooth. It utilizes wireless signals to facilitate communication between nearby devices without relying on Bluetooth. This technology may offer superior speed and efficiency compared to Bluetooth, making it an alternative for connecting devices in close proximity. It can be used in various applications such as sharing data or controlling wireless devices in homes or locations where fast and efficient connectivity is required. Moreover, this technology can be further developed in different environments and situations.



From user electronics to smart home systems and new energy vehicles, NearLink is ready to revolutionize the Internet of Everything in HarmonyOS. Imagine seamless and efficient connections on smartphones, PCs, and cars, all with reduced energy consumption and enhanced protection. As HarmonyOS continues to evolve and expand, NearLink plays a vital role in unlocking the full potential of this interconnected ecosystem.


Huawei’s dedication to innovation and collaboration with industry leaders has led to remarkable success. With NearLink technology, software developers and consumers can usher in a new era of efficiency, convenience, and possibilities. The broader coverage and enhanced connectivity technology ensure a safer and more reliable user experience.

Source: Huawei

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