Microsoft elevates Bing & Edge to the AI age


Microsoft is revolutionizing its Bing Search Engine and Edge browser by leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to make both services more intelligent. For example, Bing users can now get summarized answers to their queries without having to visit multiple websites. Additionally, Edge can be instructed to generate social media post captions and perform many other helpful tasks.

Following news of Microsoft’s substantial investment in OpenAI, the company behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT AI, which can process information and engage in realistic conversations with humans, we are now seeing the implementation of this technology in Microsoft’s core services, namely Bing and the Edge browser.


Microsoft to incorporate OpenAI's Chat GPT into its Bing search engine - Razzem


Microsoft claims that about 50% of the questions people type into search engines do not receive the answers they want. This is because each question can be so detailed that it goes beyond the capabilities of a regular search engine. Therefore, there needs to be development by the company using a new system called Prometheus Model from OpenAI to help.

For example, the Bing service will have a chat room-style question window. We can type in our questions as usual, and Bing will answer them in plain language. However, behind the scenes, it will process data from various websites on the internet and provide it to us. Therefore, in the future, we may not need to visit websites to read anything ourselves. AI will do it all.


Microsoft Bing and Edge are getting a big DALL-E 3 upgrade | Digital Trends


Ushering in a New Era of AI-powered Search


Today, we are excited to announce that Microsoft is moving to a new, AI-powered version of Bing and Edge to improve the world’s largest software category, search. Expanding on the vision and capabilities Microsoft first envisioned with Copilot for the web, this new version features:

    • Opening up Bing to more people by moving from Limited Preview to Open Preview and removing the waitlist for the experiment.
    • Moving beyond text-only search and conversation to a richer search experience with cutting-edge image and video answers, and new multimodal support coming soon.
    • Moving beyond single-session search and conversation to a multi-session experience with conversation history and persistent conversation within Edge.
    • Opening up the platform’s capabilities for developers and third parties to build on Bing to help people take action on their searches and get things done.


Windows 11 Update Adds AI-Powered Bing, Built-In Screen Recorder | PCMag


Bing is now in Open Preview

Driven by impressive customer adoption, engagement, and feedback, Microsoft is ready to take the next step and announce that the new Bing is now in Open Preview and waitlist is no longer required. This means that trying out the new Bing and Edge will be easier than ever for everyone, simply by signing in to Bing with your Microsoft Account.

Making search more visually appealing

Microsoft knows from research that the human brain processes visual information about 60,000 times faster than text, which makes visual tools essential for finding, creating, and understanding. Bing has historically been known for its visual experiences, including features like Knowledge Cards and Image Search, and now Microsoft is bringing these experiences to conversation. They are introducing richer, more visually appealing answers, including charts and graphs, and updated answer formatting, which will help you find the information you need more easily.


Announcing the next wave of AI innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge - The Official Microsoft Blog


Summary: What can the new Bing and Edge do?


    • Can turn off and on chatbot mode. (Like talking with ChatGPT)
    • Order to write an e-mail for us.
    • Edge has an AI version of Bing that can be used to help us write things.
    • Edge can summarize web pages for us. They also interact with us like talking to ChatGPT .
    • Edge provides answers and citations.

(* The new Bing in chat mode will still only be able to use 1,000 characters.)


Microsoft and OpenAI – Innovating responsibly together


Microsoft also intends to enhance its safety system to protect against malicious content in conjunction with OpenAI. Microsoft teams are working to address issues such as misinformation and disinformation. Content blocking data security and prevent the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content according to AI principles.


Microsoft has created a safety system that trains AI to learn from old Bing search history to prevent Bing from being misused.


Bing AI is artificial intelligence technology used by Microsoft to improve the Bing and Edge experiences in areas such as search, translation, and creative content creation.


Bing AI uses various techniques. It uses artificial intelligence such as machine learning and data analytics to analyze big data and find complex patterns of relationships, which helps Bing find more relevant and accurate information. Can translate languages more intelligently and can create more creative and engaging content for users.


Examples of Bing AI capabilities include:

    • More accurate search: Bing AI uses machine learning to learn what users are searching for and what information they need, allowing Bing to deliver more relevant search results.
    • Smarter Translation: Bing AI uses machine learning to make translations more accurate and easier to understand.
    • Creative Content Creation: Bing AI uses machine learning to create more creative and engaging content such as articles, videos, and illustrations.


Microsoft continues to improve Bing AI to make Bing and Edge even more powerful and useful tools for users, including Easetrack.


Source: Microsoft

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