Navigating the AI Era: 10 Crucial Points for 2024


Kasikornbank releases a summary of 10 key trends that will impact industries, businesses, and investments in 2024. The world is shifting from the Mobile First era to the “AI First” era, with AI becoming the driving force in all businesses and industries.


1. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a megatrend in the world. Major companies around the world are investing heavily in AI development. For example, Microsoft developed ChatGPT, which has over 100 million users Google has developed its own intelligent chatbots, such as Bard, META, Baidu, and even Bing AI, which have all developed their own generative AI.


2. Generative AI is being developed to be able to do work that is close to the human brain. It will revolutionize the world’s labor industry.


3. AI will be in high demand in industries that are specialized and have a labor shortage, such as the port industry, which uses electric forklifts. AI will be used to control and move goods automatically.


4. The benefits of AI are many, but it also poses risks in various areas, such as cyber threats, identity theft, and forgery. In 2022, cyber attacks caused damage of approximately 3.5 billion baht.


5. The cyber security industry will expand in tandem with AI technology.


6. The value of assets of the technology industry, which includes technology companies and semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers, has reached trillions of dollars in the past 5 years.



7. Investment opportunities in industries that are being transformed by AI

    • Infrastructure: AI can be used to improve the efficiency and reliability of infrastructure systems, such as transportation, energy, and water.
    • Automotive: AI is being used to develop self-driving cars, improve vehicle safety, and personalize the driving experience.
    • Manufacturing: AI can be used to automate tasks, improve quality, and reduce costs.
    • Electronics: AI is being used to develop new products, improve production processes, and personalize customer experiences.
    • Logistics and transportation: AI can be used to optimize routes, manage inventory, and improve customer service.
    • Healthcare: AI can be used to diagnose diseases, develop new treatments, and improve patient care.
    • Cybersecurity: AI can be used to detect and prevent cyberattacks.


8. The 7 technology stocks with the highest market capitalization in the US stock market, also known as The Magnificent Seven, are still influential and have the potential to grow further. These include Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, META, Tesla, and Nvidia.


9. Investment should focus on investing in leading global technology stocks, especially big players such as Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Lam Research.


10. ในภาวะเศรษฐกิจโลกผันผวน แนะนำกลยุทธ์การลงทุนแบบ Core & Satellite 

    • 80% เป็น Core Port ลงในกองทุนที่ให้ผลตอบแทนสม่ำเสมอ เช่น K-INDIA
    • เติบโต 20% เป็น Satellite Port เน้นลงทุนระยะสั้น จับจังหวะตลาด
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