What is the Face Recognition AI system and how is it better than other Biometrics systems?



What is the Face recognition AI system and how is it better than other biometrics systems?

It must be acknowledged that nowadays new technology and innovations have come to play an even greater role in human life. By providing convenience and making life easier. This is another reason why most people like new technology and can apply it in other areas as well. In this article, we will look at how AI Facial recognition can be used in the future and help maintain airport security. And why is it more secure than traditional biometrics systems? Let’s go see it together.


What is the Face Recognition AI system?

Facial Recognition is facial recognition technology Using the principle of comparing the user’s face with the face stored in the database that has been previously registered. to indicate that the face is being detected corresponds to any person in the database system. At present, Face Recognition technology is commonly used in the Access Control system with the purpose of assigning rights or limiting rights to people who will have access to various areas, for example, if it is a person who has registered. or are employees in the organization will be allowed to enter the area And at the same time, it is also used to prevent access to the area for strangers. Using Facial Recognition technology, it will be both convenient. Speed of inspection And it is difficult to fake access to the area.

As for the AI or Artificial Intelligence system, or as the Thai word is used, artificial intelligence system This comes from programming and developing the program to have the ability to think, analyze, plan and make decisions from the processing of large databases. In addition, processing modifications can be made and applied according to various situations. With the basics of Machine Learning

Currently, we can use AI technology to help increase the efficiency of Facial Recognition technology by using an Algorithm to help analyze the face from various elements. that are on the face, such as the facial structure, distance between the eyebrows or eyes The width of the nose or mouth, etc. Then connect the various points on the face. To compare with images stored in the database. Thus making verification of a person’s identity much more accurate. Even if there is makeup or wearing various accessories. The system is still able to accurately verify that person’s identity. This is different from previous technology that may cause errors. In addition to accurate processing, another important point of AI Facial Recognition technology is convenience and speed of use. This strength makes AI Facial Recognition technology clearly different from other systems.


What is a Biometrics system? How is it used in security systems?

Biometrics system is a technology used to verify a person’s identity. which can be used in various organizations To be used to determine the right to access important areas or information of that organization. Which can be divided into 2 types:

1. Using physical characteristics (Physiological Biometrics)  is the use of different parts of the body for verification. Which is divided into several types such as

  • Fingerprint Scanning The system collects an individual’s fingerprints and records various identities. Including analyzing outlines, edges, grooves and small spots on fingerprints.
  • Iris scanning The system analyzes the appearance of an individual’s iris through contact lenses and glasses.
  • Facial verification by identifying various points on the face to find individual facial identities.

2. Using behavioral biometrics such as using code numbers, signing, using voice, etc.

It can be seen that many Biometrics technology methods have different levels of security. It ranges from low security to high security and the convenience of using it in a highly secure system is also very cumbersome.



Why is Face Recognition AI better than Biometrics?

Although biometrics systems are generally reliable in terms of physical authentication, But don’t forget that at present there is technology that can deceive the biometrics system. An example will be given to clearly show the difference, such as a system using a code number to gain access to an area or access information. The method of using code numbers is still commonly used today. But this method is very easy to copy. Just another person knows the password and can counterfeit it immediately.

As for biometrics technology that is difficult to counterfeit, such as fingerprint or iris scanning. Although this method is more difficult to counterfeit. But it can still be counterfeited, such as by copying a fingerprint onto plastic and then scanning it.

Moreover, the actual use of these 2 methods is rather cumbersome and time consuming. For example, a common problem with fingerprint scanning is that the scan does not work. This can be caused by various conditions that can cause the scan to fail, such as when the user’s fingers are wet. Or some users have peeling fingers, etc. For these reasons, it is easy to cause processing errors. and cause the results to be inaccurate And due to the current COVID 19 outbreak situation, This is another factor that points out that fingerprint scanning technology is flawed in terms of usability that every user has to come into contact with the device. and may cause the spread easily as well


Source: 4vsys.com

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