Large Manufacturers Implement RFID Queue System

In a notable development, more than 70 major manufacturers in Thailand’s agricultural and animal feed industry are embracing RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology to enhance their supply chain processes.

Prominent manufacturers in Thailand’s agricultural and animal feed industry are taking significant steps to revolutionize their operations by embracing RFID technology. They have partnered with Smart Reform Plus Co., Ltd., a company specializing in custom software solutions, to develop an all-encompassing logistics system. This advanced system is designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy across various stages of the supply chain, providing these organizations with a competitive edge in the market.



The RFID-based logistics system aims to optimize processes from the moment drivers arrive for scheduled product pickups at the factory. As drivers arrive, they register their identity, vehicle information, and the list of animal feed items they’ve come to collect. This information is seamlessly recorded using RFID technology installed on the vehicles.

Throughout the journey, from interfacing with digital weighbridge systems for weight verification before and after loading to using kiosks for cargo verification, and even connecting with the SCADA system to place animal feed orders, the RFID system plays a central role.

Moreover, the system streamlines queue management for loading, conducts pre-loading vehicle inspections, and validates vehicles before they pass through the gate for feed loading. Thanks to the RFID system, work processes have become significantly more efficient and precise, providing these organizations with a substantial advantage in a competitive industry.


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