Thai Retail Giant Boosts Efficiency with RFID

“New RFID Technology-Based Warehouse and Logistics Management System at the Beginning of the Year”

At the start of the year, we are thrilled to announce the implementation of a cutting-edge Warehouse Management System (WMS) enhanced with RFID technology, developed by Smart Reform Plus Co., Ltd. This innovative system allows our partners who send products to our distribution center to track the status of their goods seamlessly. It also enables our distribution center to receive products quickly and accurately, aligning with the quantities ordered.



Moreover, when our distribution center dispatches products to various retail branches, we can efficiently trace the status of the goods throughout the entire journey, from the source to the final destination. We can also monitor whether each retail branch has received the products as intended.

Our distribution center has the capability to control and track inventory to align with orders and deliveries efficiently. This includes monitoring every step of the technology, from receiving products from partners, managing product information, and storage, all supported by statistical data and actionable insights. This empowers us to make informed decisions and expand our plans for the future sustainably.


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