11 Businesses that are expected to recover the fastest after the COVID-19 crisis

Dr. Chattachai Payuhanaveechai, the Director of Government Savings Bank, revealed that despite the severe impact of the COVID-19 virus, once the pandemic crisis subsides and if the situation returns to normal within the next six months, Thailand’s economy is expected to recover gradually in a U-shaped pattern. The pace of recovery will vary depending on the specific characteristics and structure of different business sectors and the severity of the impact they have faced.

The Government Savings Bank has identified 11 businesses that are expected to recover the fastest after the COVID-19 crisis. These businesses are as follows:

    • Transportation of goods and passengers (land and water transport)
    • Communication businesses
    • Warehousing businesses
    • Postal and courier services
    • Food product manufacturing businesses
    • Health-related businesses (medical and healthcare)
    • Modern retail businesses, such as department stores, hypermarkets, and convenience stores
    • Scientific equipment and medical device manufacturing businesses
    • Automotive and motorcycle parts manufacturing businesses
    • Health insurance businesses
    • Online education businesses

Source: https://www.pptvhd36.com/news/ประเด็นร้อน/125899

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