On-Premise vs. On-Cloud: Key Differences

“On-Cloud vs On-Premise. On-Cloud refers to using an IT system where the infrastructure is managed by a Cloud Provider, and users access it over a network or the Internet. On-Prem (short for On-Premise) is the use of an IT system where the infrastructure is located on the owner’s premises, and they are responsible for its maintenance.”



On-Premise involves having servers located at your own site, requiring a substantial upfront investment to make them operational for 3-5 years as per the server’s warranty period. It also involves installation, maintenance, and self-upgrades. After 3-5 years, businesses often need to decide whether to renew the maintenance agreement or invest in new hardware, as older hardware may develop issues.


On-Cloud stores your database on servers hosted in the cloud. The cloud service provider takes responsibility for hardware maintenance and upgrades in line with current technology trends. Users pay a monthly fee based on the resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) they require.

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With On-Cloud, the cloud service provider stores user data, eliminating the need for users to purchase equipment or spend time installing the system themselves. Users can access the database from anywhere, anytime, making work more convenient and efficient. The cloud system calculates costs based on actual usage, allowing for cost-effective operations.


Cloud service providers handle these tasks on behalf of users. Users can access the database from anywhere, whether at a coffee shop or a public place. This enhances convenience and speed in working. Cloud systems charge users based on usage, resulting in lower costs compared to self-installed hardware.


However, this doesn’t mean that every business should opt for Cloud or On-Premise servers. The choice depends on the nature of the business and the type of server in use. It’s essential to consider suitability or consult with Easetrack experts for guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!”

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