Solving the problem of overstock orders with the WMS system


Managing warehouses and delivering products to customers efficiently is the main challenge for entrepreneurs. However, when faced with the problem of overstock orders, This often results in the delivery of goods not on time. The use of WMS (Warehouse Management System) in warehouse management is Not only does it help increase work efficiency and create satisfaction for customers. Including strengthening the reputation of the business, but the WMS system is also an important tool in solving various problems. Inside the warehouse Especially the problem of orders overflowing with stock.


What is a WMS system? And how does it work?

The WMS system or Warehouse Management System is an intelligent warehouse WMS system used for warehouse management. This allows operators to track and control movements in the warehouse in real time. The WMS system helps in tracking inventory quantities. Check the status of the product and plan the delivery of products efficiently Important warehouse management system A WMS can reduce operating costs and increase accuracy in inventory management.

The operation of the WMS system is divided into 4 main steps:

  • Receiving goods The WMS system will help record product information into the warehouse. Check the product and store products in appropriate locations
  • Product Storage The WMS system stores products according to the selected storage method, such as FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out).
  • Order Management The WMS system receives orders from the sales system. Select products from warehouse and prepare products for delivery
  • Shipping The WMS system will prepare the shipping documents. and follow up on shipping status




The cause of the problem of overstock orders

  • Inefficient product stock management. Using a manual system to manage product stock. An error may occur. The information doesn’t match. The product is out of stock. or the product is not enough to meet demand
  • Inaccurate forecasts of product demand. False forecasts. It may cause you to order too many products. Overstock of products There was a problem with the product remaining. and lost funds
  • Delayed order management Delayed order management Affects customer satisfaction The customer may cancel the order. and turn to buy products from other stores

How can the WMS system help solve the problem of overstock orders?

Implementing the warehouse system program WMS comes in to help manage the warehouse. Not only does it help make warehouse work more efficient, but the WMS system also helps businesses manage product inventory. Manage orders and accurately deliver products to customers as follows

The WMS system manages product inventory in real time.
The WMS online warehouse system can track inventory in real time. Helps operators know the total amount of inventory. Product storage location Product expiration date Number of additional products that need to be ordered Allowing entrepreneurs to manage product stocks, the WMS system helps prevent problems with out-of-stock products and overstocked products very well.

Accurately predict product demand
As you know, the WMS system is an intelligent warehouse system. WMS is effective in analyzing various business data, whether it be product sales data. Inventory information Including other information To predict future product demand which is extremely beneficial to business Because the WMS warehouse system allows businesses to order products appropriately. Able to solve problems of overstock and insufficient products to meet demand.

The WMS system helps manage orders quickly.
The WMS warehouse system program helps businesses manage orders quickly and accurately. It has a quick order processing function, making the WMS system help entrepreneurs prepare products. Pack products to get products to customers more quickly.

Product status tracking
The WMS warehouse management system can track the status of products. From receiving the product into the warehouse Product storage Product storage location Shipping and delivering products to customers. The WMS system helps operators know the status of their products in real time. and can inform the customer of the status of the product

The WMS system can analyze data and report results.
warehouse system WMS can store various data. In warehouse management, such as inventory information Shipping information Product storage information Then analyze the data and present reports that help make efficient decisions. The WMS system helps predict product demand. and plan the purchasing of products effectively

The WMS system is a very useful tool in solving overstock orders. It allows you to accurately track product stock. Plan orders and deliveries efficiently. and manage the receiving-delivery of goods systematically This will help you reduce operating costs and increase accuracy in inventory management in the long run.

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Source: Cnet

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