Advantages and Limitation of Face Recognition System


Revealing the Advantages and Limitations of the Face Recognition System.

Before starting to use identity verification with the Face Recognition system, which is becoming very popular nowadays both in terms of securing the place and property. Including using it to confirm your identity before entering the office, to confirming your identity through various mobile applications. If we say that Face Recognition technology has greatly changed the way of life of people in today’s era. It wouldn’t be wrong. Importantly, this system also comes with many advantages but there are limitations as well. For anyone who wants to know what the Face Recognition system is used for identity verification has, you must not miss this article.


What is Face recognition System?

Face Recognition system is an identity verification technology. Also known as Biometrics, it detects different parts of the face, including the eyes, to prove whether they match an existing database or not. By the work of Face Recognition, it starts with learning and remembering a person’s face. Then those data will be stored in the database. Then it will be used to authenticate with detection. The face will be processed at that time. To compare the similarities of facial identities in the database to see if they match or not.

The Face Recognition system has been further developed by bringing in AI or Artificial Intelligence to enhance work efficiency to achieve greater accuracy.


Advantages of Face Recognition System

Has high resolution and accuracy.

Face Recognition has the outstanding advantage of being able to process faces in detail and accurately because it can detect up to 30,000 facial identity points, ensuring that it can distinguish and effectively verify each person’s identity No matter how similar their appearance is

More effective than using a password or fingerprint.

The Face Recognition system is a more secure identity verification system than using a password or fingerprint. Because passwords can easily be guessed, hacked, or shared. In addition, fingerprint authentication also has limitations in that it is easily counterfeited. Moreover, fingerprints have fewer patterns and details than human faces. Therefore, there may be people with duplicate fingerprints. This makes it incomparable with Face Recognition technology in terms of resolution and identity verification.

Motion detection and being able to live

The Face Recognition system has Liveliness Detection technology added to help prevent identity fraud with photos. or other camouflage devices, facial authentication systems will not be fooled by high-resolution photos or masks.

Good security

With precision and accuracy in verifying identity and features for detecting life and movement, making the Face Recognition system more secure and able to protect data and various assets and effectively reduces the opportunity for identity fraud



Limitation of Face Recognition System.

Good tools are needed to manage and store data.

Because the Face Recognition system is a complex technology. Makes it necessary to use good tools and equipment. and highly efficient in caring for and managing the system It also requires a lot of capacity to store a lot of data, especially personal identity data. In one data set there can be up to 30,000 identity details.

May be expensive

Of course, innovations that are both modern effective Including high accuracy comes with a higher cost than using other types of authentication systems that are less secure. There are also costs for equipment, system administration, and maintenance.

If the face or eyes are changed, it cannot be used.

Another limitation of the Face Recognition system is due to the resolution and accuracy of the system. Due to the very high accuracy of identity verification This occurs when a person’s face changes due to an accident, surgery, or even wearing contact lenses that have a strange color or pattern. This may cause the Face Recognition system to be unable to be used.

We can see that although the most effective Face Recognition system There are still some limitations as well, so if you want to use the Face Recognition system, don’t forget to think about the advantages. and the limitations of this system in what areas it is suitable for use.


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Source: aigencorp

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