DMS, ECM and KMS; What is it and which one is the best?



So that the organization can move forward steadily. It is necessary to systematically develop and reform document management and internal knowledge management. In order to be able to use them sustainably, however, in a work environment full of paper documents, many organizations spend a long time storing and categorizing documents. Or if you want to search for the desired document It may take several hours to search.

In today’s era, many organizations are increasingly choosing to use digital document management systems. Because it greatly improves work efficiency. But the question you should consider is: Which document management system is most suitable for your organization? Should you choose DMS, ECM or KMS for your business? This article will help you answer this question.


What is DMS?

DMS system is an abbreviation for Document Management System, which is a document management system that mainly focuses on developing features for storing, managing, and tracking documents. Comes with the ability to help scan and search documents Reduce hassle Helps to use it easily and conveniently.


Highlights of the DMS system

  • Central online storage: DMS stores all documents in the cloud, allowing you to access them from anywhere, anytime.
  • Save time searching for documents: Documents can be searched through automation. Using keywords, tags, or categories, it helps you quickly find the documents you’re looking for.
  • There is an automatic work process: The system can be set up to work automatically, such as setting document approvals, alerting deadlines, etc., depending on the features provided in each program.
  • Enhance data access security: Control access to data by limiting user permissions. This helps ensure that information is only shared with authorized persons.

It can be concluded that the DMS system is a very effective solution for document management. Because it comes with features that will help work systematically. Ready to organize documents more efficiently Suitable for organizations of all sizes that need to manage large amounts of documents. This allows employees to have time to devote to their duties appropriately.


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What is ECM?

ECM system, short for Enterprise Content Management, is an enterprise information management system. That includes the process of designing strategies, tools, and platforms that are used to manage information such as document management systems, file scanning, and data sharing within the agency or externally. and website management It is considered an extension of the DMS (Document Management System) system to push the functionality of the tool to be more than just a document management system. But it can be extended to the organization’s data.

Highlight of the ECM system.

  • It is an extension of the DMS system: a combination of various software solutions. to match the strategy and holistic concept This helps define and manage how data is collected, stored, and accessed across the organization. Can store more than document files
  • Increase data security: Enhance data access controls. You can set access rights. and proper use
  • Increase team collaboration: with strategic, planning and seamless workflow support. Giving you access to corporate information and work smoothly as a team You don’t have to worry about errors that will damage the document or duplicates.
  • Long-term cost-reducing solution: Save on storage and document discovery costs with an ECM system that, once installed, can be used forever.


The ECM system is a powerful document management system for managing corporate data. Helps work to be more systematic, orderly, safe and efficient. Suitable for organizations of all sizes that want to manage data within the organization systematically.


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What is KMS?

KMS system is an abbreviation for Knowledge Management System. It is an internal knowledge management system that builds on the two systems above. Equipped with intelligent work solutions It is like an organization’s knowledge center with a large database. Supports both documents, information, and knowledge sets. Specialized expertise for that business so that the organization can use it effectively


Highlight of the KMS system.

  • Search for a variety of information: You can search for information from documents both by keywords. and asking questions analytical response Under the work of technology that has intelligence comparable to humans
  • Can be used both within the organization and for customer service: Can be used to search for information, documents, and knowledge within the organization. Can be further developed into a chatbot that can be used on a business’s website or application. To answer customer service needs By collecting frequently asked questions Basic question set Answer quickly, promptly and accurately.
  • Always have updated information: Information can be updated in Real-Time with accuracy, making it possible to search with confidence. Really get the latest version of the information.


The KMS system is considered a tool under the effective document storage system for managing knowledge within the organization. Because it is an integration of strengths from both the DMS and ECM systems together, combined with the use of artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, it can be used in a variety of ways. and answer questions in every dimension

Punch-by-punch comparison for 3 document storage systems, both their strengths and usability. But if any entrepreneurs are still not confident Whether between DMS, ECM or KMS  systems, which one is best and meets the needs of your organization the most? AIGEN is ready to help give advice. and provide a document management solution that meets your needs with the AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution (KMS) service that draws on every highlight of every system. To develop so that the business can be expanded at a reasonable price. If interested, you can contact and ask for more information here.


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