Going Green: The ECO trend that modern consumers need to know.


When the ECO trend continues to be strong because consumers are more environmentally friendly.


We believe that many people reading this article may be interested in Eco or trends in saving the world. Observing the trends around us, it is clear that people are paying more attention to the environment. We recognize the importance of ensuring a sustainable world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to present some survey results to show that the Eco trend is having a significant impact on our lives.


A Kantar study of consumer behavior across countries shows that there has been a 20% increase in environmentally conscious people from last year who are specifically interested in eco. There are 5 areas that people are interested in: such as global warming, plastic waste, water pollution, shortage of water sources and air pollution


In addition, a report from Hill Asean Research Center found that 86% of consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Japan and Thailand are seriously concerned about the environment and their lifestyle choices, and 80% give importance to with brands that care about the environment


A survey from Mahidol University (CCMU) also found that 74% of Thai consumers tend to choose products and adjust their lifestyle behavior for the environment, with 37.6% looking for Eco products only.


Kantar also identifies Eco-Actives as consumers who are environmentally conscious and lead intentional lives. It has a market capitalization of US$446 billion. and continues to increase, while the number of Eco – Dismissers groups continues to decrease




What industries has the ECO trend penetrated?


Beauty Industry

The Eco trend has increasingly entered this market. In the beauty industry, consumers around the world are increasingly paying more attention to ingredients and sustainability in the beauty products they purchase. Especially natural and vegan cosmetics or skincare products are continually increasing in popularity. According to the survey, consumer purchases of facial and body products containing natural ingredients grew 18% of sales in 2017, and in 2021 they accounted for 24% of sales growth. and is expected to continue increasing in the future for sure

An example of a brand that has done a successful Eco campaign is Lancôme through the use of hashtags. #BeYourOwnIDOLE To clearly announce that it is a perfume brand with the thinnest bottles on the market because it cares about the environment. It also says that the perfumes produced will take into account the planet and future resources. Because they use raw materials that come from sustainable production sources.


Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is starting to pay more attention to the Eco trend. To put it simply, it is sustainable fashion or Eco Fashion, which is the production of fashion products that give importance to the environment. Consider the production process and lifespan. It’s not just the materials used, many famous brands are starting to adapt more. Be more attentive to the environment By selecting raw materials that are friendly to the earth. Use materials made from 100% plant fibers or recycled materials as much as possible. The production process requires minimal energy. The results do not cause pollution, etc.

An example of a brand that has turned its attention to the eco trend is Dry Clean Only. It is a Thai brand that is famous far abroad. The owner of the brand is Mr. Patipat Chaipakdee, who uses his creativity to bring second-hand vintage clothing. Old clothes are brought back to life to become new pieces. In line with the concept of sustainable development It also uses materials that do not rely on any chemical processes or dyes from the industry to reduce pollutant emissions. Be creative and still save the world.


Green Investment

Over the past 1-2 years, the eco trend has penetrated into the real estate industry as well. Survey results from the Global Buyer Survey 2021 say that 84% of consumers give importance to looking for energy-saving homes. Of these, 28% want to buy an energy-efficient home. Considered as the main factor And also give importance to a wider usable space. The hottest trends include: Energy saving house A home that supports health and a home that is flexible.

This industry also includes green furniture (Green Furniture), which is furniture design that uses materials and production processes that do not harm the environment. There are many brands that are into the Eco trend, such as IKEA that produces some types of furniture as Eco, Thai brand Osisu, Mary for Round, Wood Composit Plastic and many more.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are products that we use in our daily life every day, such as drinks, food items, soaps, shampoos, or others. In this industry, the Eco trend is considered to be growing and is very popular. climb Both small and large brands are turning to be more environmentally friendly, such as using natural packaging. or production processes that do not harm nature For example,

Nestlé has launched a new flavor of ice cream. Plus, promote the use of packaging that is easily biodegradable. To show the brand’s conservation of the world, or Milo, a brand in the Nestlé group, launches the campaign #Little can change the world. I want people to reduce their use of plastic. The brand switched from plastic straws to plastic straws that are friendly to the environment instead. along with using recyclable packaging



Of course, the cutting-edge technology industry also has the Eco trend. No matter what type of business, it must adapt to the world and consumer behavior. In the eyes of today’s consumers, they already like modern things. If a brand can produce cutting-edge things and help solve social problems, Ready to improve the quality of life in an environmentally friendly way, it’s something really cool. Looking at the trend of using electric cars increasing by leaps and bounds, we know that people are turning to care more about the world.

There are many brands that are turning to be more environmentally friendly. For example, Cotto Air ion air purifying tiles trap PM 2.5 dust, giving users fresh air. Without using electricity at all or AI Supervisory for Energy Analytics, AI technology used to monitor the operation of machinery that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 806 tons of carbon per year.


Anyone who has their own business You should pay more attention to the environment and save the world. You won’t be able to follow the Eco trend in time for other people. In addition to helping create a good brand image Might get more customers to save the world as well.


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