What is Face Recognition Solution?

Face Recognition is a biometric technology that uses facial features to identify individuals. It captures facial images and analyzes various facial data such as facial structure, distance between eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc., and compares it with facial data stored in a database.

Easetrack is proud to offer cutting-edge facial recognition solutions tailored to the unique needs of modern businesses. Our solutions are perfect for time and attendance tracking, access control, and a variety of other applications, providing you with a versatile and powerful way to manage your workforce.

Introducing a cutting-edge facial recognition solution with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy:

Precise and Secure Identification

Advanced facial recognition technology ensures accurate identity verification and certified security.

Time and Attendance

Our solution provides accurate time recording and tracking, while improving employee management processes.

Digital Applications Support

Our solutions also support digital applications,

Customizable and scalable to your needs

Our solutions can be easily adapted to your specific requirements and your existing systems.

Full service and customer support

Provide full customer service and support Always optimized for maximum performance.

Helps in improving the efficiency of the organization.

Whether you want to improve time entry and track work Improve your work or take your business to the next level.

Key Features of Face Recognition Solutions

1. Precise identification of individuals: This technology can accurately identify individuals, making it useful for security purposes such as access control and surveillance.

2. User-friendly: Offers user convenience by enabling easy device unlocking, system access, and payment processing.

3. Efficiency: Reduces manual steps and optimizes efficiency

How Face Recognition Works

Face Recognition utilizes a three-step process to identify individuals

Face Detection

Face Analysis

Face Recognition

Overview of Facial Recognition Systems

Learn about the features and benefits, and gain insights into the system. See how it works and how facial recognition solution features can enhance your operations.


With International Standards for Information Security, we coordinating with Cloud Service Provider who value great importance in protecting the personal information of customers in the Data Center Room.

The International Standards in Quality Management Systems would assure that all the processes get control and could be traced back.